Citizens for Sammamish


You should have a voice in how your tax dollars are spent and how your city is changing and growing. How can you help? Join Citizens for Sammamish. Effective government is only possible in an informed and involved community! 

Questions? Send us an e-mail at 

Mission: Create a Sammamish city that provides a sulf-sustaining positive quality of life and safe environment for all citizens.

Strategy: Hold City Council and staff accountable to actively partner with Sammamish citizens on key decisions to achieve mission.

2010 Goal: Develop credible entry point to City for citizen feedback to be genuinely considered.

Tactical Actions: Establish working teams to address key interest areas, including summarizing key issues, identifying key city contact points to develop working partnerships, and provide visibility to Sammamish community.


Citizens for Sammamish is collaborating with the city to identify community services for our elderly and youth, raise awareness to the city's fiscal situation, and improve community awareness. This includes accountability for the following concerns: 

East Lake Sammamish Parkway

  • $41M+ and 18 years of construction (2008 dollars)
  • If the project extends out 18 yrs then inflation will have added millions more
  • NO real benefit to commute time admitted by the city
  • Extended traffic dislocation during construction
  • City planning future phases despite the biggest public opposition in city history
  • Fomer mayor says city council needs to be fiscally responsible & accountable

Sammamish Town Center

  • $2,000/DAY in consulting fees alone, but NO implementable plan
  • Planning stages since 2003
  • Original completion: Mid-2007
SE 20th Street
  • $3M for sidewalks
  • No real benefit to the greater community
Sammamish Commons
  • Estimated total cost $9m with a final cost of $18m